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This site is all about adventures in growing and preparing vegan food from across this beautiful world. I grew up in the Netherlands and have had the luck to live, work, and study in four different continents. All these influences are reflected in my food.

I love fresh ingredients and spend a lot of time in my community garden from mid-April through mid-November. Growing and preparing vegan food are very much creative outlets for me. Recently, I sometimes feel that I am working in a food lab, especially with all the vegan cheese experiments.

I am multilingual, a psychologist, master gardener, world citizen, and lover of anything crafty. Additionally, my job tends to keeps me pretty busy. Otherwise, I love to hang out with my family, friends, and cats Ollie (aka Klaasje Langstaart) and Siri (aka Katrijntje Kwebbel).

Siri aka Katrijntje Kwebbel
Ollie and tomatoes
Ollie aka Klaasje Langstaart

Happy vegan growing, cooking, eating!

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