All things bright and beautiful

Yesterday evening, as I was watering the garden, I noticed the gentle squeaking of baby birds in a birdhouse gourd that I had placed on one of my trellises. I was aware that there were baby birds nearby somewhere as I had seen Mama or Papa wren carrying around food for their babies. Now it... Continue Reading →

New Adventures

I am working on creating the website for Cilantro Roots. Please be patient as I experiment with creating, editing, and uploading posts.

Savory Bread Swirls

25 March 2018   •   Cilantro Roots   People often say that plant-based cooking is difficult, boring, or expensive. I am passionate about proving the opposite! I was invited today for lunch at a friend's house and quickly made some savory breads this morning. All that was needed for two batches of bread was 500... Continue Reading →

Thai Sticky Rice

15 June 2018   •   Cilantro Roots Thai sticky rice can be easily made at home. All you need is a steamer insert with matching lid and some cheese cloth. I still have a lovely sticky rice storage basket from Thailand, actually from the village where I have a house. So many good memories! Preparation:... Continue Reading →

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