Indiana sunshine vegan yogurt – just 2 ingredients and lots of sunshine

Make your own soy yogurt with just two ingredients and a lot of (Indiana) summer sunshine.

1 quart unsweetened soy milk without additives (for example WestSoy – available at Walmart – or Trader Joe’s).
1 probiotic capsule (I use Renew Life – Ultimate Flora Probiotic Extra Care – 100 billion, available from Amazon).
1 spotlessly clean quart-size mason jar (I sterilize mine in the microwave)
Lots of (Indiana) summer sunshine

Pour soy milk in a spotlessly clean quart mason jar. Add content of 1 probiotic capsule. Stir well and close the jar. Place jar outside in a spot where it will get at least a couple of hours of direct sun light. The yogurt will be ready after 8-10 hours. Please in the fridge to cool.

I left mine outside for about 16 hours to get an extra tangy yogurt but the yogurt had formed after 8 hours.

yogurt 1

yogurt 2

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