Coffee ice cream with aquafaba.

Vegan coffee ice cream with aquafaba. No ice cream maker needed!

I recently found a wonderful recipe for coffee ice cream at Ceara’s Kitchen website. Perhaps surprisingly, I am not terrible passionate about ice cream (or doughnuts for that matter) but good coffee ice cream can definitely tempt me. This coffee ice cream has lovely caramelly background flavor, which comes from the coconut sugar.

I made a couple of tweaks to the recipe, mostly because I do not own an ice cream maker but also because I am not the greatest coconut lover (except in curries!). I reduced the amount of coconut milk to one can and topped it up with soy milk to make 3 cups in total. As the coconut milk appeared quite lumpy, I put it in my Njnja cup blender with all other ingredients, except for the aquafaba. After blending, I poured the mixture in a plastic container and placed it in the freezer. Every 45 minutes or so, I took it out to stir it so as to avoid the formation of large ice crystals. One the ice cream had solidified enough, I beat the aquafaba in the KitchenAid until stiff peaks had formed and gently folded it into the frozen ice cream mixture. Finally, I returned the mixture to the freezer until well frozen.

The original recipe can be found at All credit goes to Ceara’s Kitchen for the recipe and I hope you will visit her website!

#veganicecreamnonuts #cearaskitchen #veganicecream #aquafaba

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