Cherry Garcia soft serve sorbet ice cream.

Vegan, nut free, soy free, gluten free, and ever so delicious!

We have been having a scorcher here in northwestern central Indiana with temperatures feeling like 105-110F. With the high humidity, it is just like Bangkok, which was my home for 18 years. I know the heat can be miserable but there are also positives: the veggies in my garden love it, making bread is absolute breeze (more about that in another post), and ice cream tastes even better than usual!

Keeping the latter in mind, I made some quick Cherry Garcia soft serve sorbet ice cream this morning. It literally takes just 5 minutes to make and does not require an ice cream maker. Here we go:

2 frozen bananas (280 grams)
340 grams frozen cherries
75 ml cherry juice (I buy mine at Aldi)
3 TBS cocoa nibs (from Trader Joe’s)

Add all ingredients except for the cocoa nibs to a food processor and blend until smooth. Add the cocoa nibs and pulse a couple of times to just incorporate them.

Enjoy immediately or place in a container in the freezer. As this ice cream is entirely water based, it will become quite hard in the freezer. You may need to take it out 10 minutes before using.

I did not add sweeteners as the bananas are really sweet themselves. If you have a sweeter tooth than I do, you can add some agave syrup or other sweetener to taste when blending the ice cream.

Happy vegan cooking and eating!

Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

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